Catalog Used to Meet Graduation Requirements

Traditionally, most baccalaureate degree programs are designed so that a full-time student may complete all requirements and graduate by the end of the fourth year following initial enrollment. Associate degree programs traditionally are designed for completion by the end of the second year. Most students graduate according to those time frames.

However, a variety of personal, job-related, or academic circumstances may cause others to plan for or need a longer period of time to graduate.

A student will seek to fulfill graduation requirements for the chosen degree program as outlined in the catalog published for the year in which he or she first enrolled.

However, degree and program requirements are subject to change from the publication of one catalog to the next. The LMU policy on “graduation catalog” is:

If the student does not graduate within six years of initial enrollment, he or she must meet the requirements of any single catalog in effect within the six years preceding graduation.