Conditional Admission- Cornerstone Program

In accordance with the University mission to serve the Appalachian region, LMU has created the Cornerstone Program, which serves as the Conditional Admission status for prospective students. The Cornerstone Program is a retention initiative at LMU for students who, because of GPA, ACT/SAT scores, high school academic performance, or transfer academic performance, need to receive additional academic support services. Each Cornerstone student is provided an academic advisor from the Office of Academic Support who will mentor and assist them during their first two years at LMU.

The Cornerstone Program facilitates the adjustment to college, allowing students the chance to successfully matriculate and succeed academically while moving toward graduation. The program will also introduce students to available academic and University resources that are needed to enhance their success and enrich their college experience. Cornerstone students are encouraged to develop interdependent relationships with appropriate campus resources, while the Office of Academic Support provides direction and guidance.

Students who will be automatically considered for Conditional Admission to the University via the Cornerstone Program meet the following criteria, and are subject to the approval and review of the Undergraduate Admissions Committee:

  • GPA of 2.4-3.19, AND/OR ACT composite of 16 or below, SAT composite of 890 or below.
  • Undergraduate Admissions Committee could request more information (retest or updated transcripts), admit the student as a Cornerstone student, or deny admission

Students who achieve less than a 2.40 GPA and composite scores of 15 ACT/850 SAT (or less) are carefully reviewed by the Undergraduate Admissions Committee to ascertain any extenuating circumstances. Upon review by the Committee, any student awarded the status of Conditional Admission (Cornerstone) is required to participate in and complete the Cornerstone Program requirements during their first two years at the University.