Course Numbering System

Courses carry a prefix designating a particular academic discipline, and a three-digit number. The digits and numerals represent the following:

First digit 1 = Freshman level
2 = Sophomore and capable Freshman level
3 = Junior and capable Sophomore level
4 = Senior and capable Junior level
Second digit 0-9 = specific areas within the discipline; perhaps, but not necessarily reflecting the comparative difficulty or sophistication
Third digit 0 = single semester course, not repeatable for additional credit
1 = first course of a sequence, not repeatable for additional credit
2 = second course of a sequence, not repeatable for additional credit
3 = course that may be repeated for additional (though limited) credit
4-8 = single semester course not repeatable for additional credit
9 = reserved for recording approved transfer credit from another institution; or for approved credit awarded for other prior learning
These three-digit numbers are reserved as indicated: 195, 295, 395, 495- Special topic
196, 296, 396, 496- Independent Study
497 Culminating Study/Project/Experience (e.g.: Senior Exhibition, Senior Research Project, Senior Seminar, Student Teaching, etc.)
498 Internship

When the course numbers for a sequence appear on the same line, separated by a hyphen (-), that signals the first course of the sequence is prerequisite to the second. Otherwise, the first course is not prerequisite to the second.