Regaining Financial Aid Eligibility

Quantitative-Maximum Time Frame

To regain eligibility, you must graduate and advance to a new academic level.

Quantitative: Hours Attempted vs. Hours Earned (Completion Rate)

To regain eligibility, take courses at your own expense in a subsequent term or terms and meet the standards according to the cumulative credit hours completion ratio outlined above under the heading Quantitative. Once you have taken the courses and earned passing grades, you will need to notify the Office of Financial Aid.

Qualitative: Maintaining Financial Aid Academic Progress (GPA)

To regain eligibility, complete courses at your own expense and raise your cumulative GPA to the acceptable standard. Once you have completed the course and raised your GPA, you will need to notify the Office of Financial Aid to evaluate the coursework taken to see if financial aid can be awarded.

Both qualitative and quantitative measures must be met before Financial Aid eligibility is regained.