Unofficial Withdrawals

Any student who ceases attending classes before the end of the semester, mini-term, or summer term without completing the official withdrawal from the University, automatically receives the grade “F” for such course(s), so noted on the student’s academic transcript. Unofficial Withdrawals are reviewed after grades post for each term. Any student earning all F’s is considered an Unofficial Withdrawal. Financial Aid confirms attendance past the 60% point of the term and a timeline in which to provide that documentation. Adequate attendance documentation can be an email statement directly from the instructors stating the student attended past the 60% date, hard copy print outs of online coursework submitted after the 60% date, or hard copy tests submitted after the 60% point. If attendance is not confirmed, LMU will make an R2T4 calculation, through FAA Access, using the 50% point of the term as the withdrawal date. Adjustments are made and refunds returned to the appropriate program(s) with the DOE at the time of processing the Unofficial Withdrawal student record. Financial Aid then notifies the student of the adjustments made via the results of the R2T4 calculation, why the calculation had to be made, and what financial responsibilities the student has.