President's Cabinet

Academic Administrators

Clayton Hess, PhD
President of the University

Teresa Bicknell, EdD
Dean, Carter and Moyers School of Education

Jason McConnell, DBA
Executive Vice President of the University

Tammy Dean, DNP
Dean, Caylor School of Nursing

Blaze Bowers, JD
Assistant Vice President for Academic and Student Support Services

Kelsey Metz, PhD
Dean, School of Business
Ryan Brown, JD
General Counsel, President's Office
Ryan Overton, PhD, PE
Dean, School of Engineering

Jody Goins, EdD
Executive Vice President for Administration

Adam Rollins, PhD
Dean, School of Mathematics and Sciences

Jay Stubblefield, PhD
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Martin Sellers, PhD
Dean, Paul V. Hamilton School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Christopher J. Loyke, DO, FACOFP
Dean and Chief Academic Officer, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine

Michael Stephens, DMS
Dean, School of Medical Sciences

Matthew Lyon, JD, MPA
Vice President and Dean, Duncan School of Law

Denise Terese-Koch, DDS, EdD
Dean, College of Dental Medicine

Cynthia Whitt, MEd
Vice President for University Advancement


Stacy Anderson, PhD, DVM, MS
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine