Attendance Policy

To maximize the learning experience at LMU, students are expected to attend all classes. It is the student’s responsibility to complete all course requirements even if a class is missed. The University understands that certain absences are unavoidable and recognizes the following as excused absences:

  • Personal illness – health care provider validation typically required; chronic illnesses which may cause absences should be disclosed to the instructor (see course syllabus for specific guidelines)
  • Death or critical illness in the family as defined in LMU Student Handbook (see Bereavement Policy)
  • Jury duty
  • Military duties
  • Religious observances of a student’s faith
  • Participation in a university-sponsored activity – with official notification from University personnel

Faculty may require documentation for excused absences. Additional excused absences are determined at the discretion of the faculty member. Faculty members must allow each student who is absent due to a reason recognized as an “excused absence” the opportunity to make up work missed without any reduction in the student’s final course grade. The make-up work should be done in a timely manner which is determined at the discretion of the faculty member as outlined in the course syllabus. Responsibility for materials presented in, assignments made for, and tests/quizzes given in regularly scheduled classes, lies solely with the student. In the case of foreseeable absences, students are responsible for notifying the faculty member in advance of the absence. The desired notification method is determined by the faculty member and is outlined in the course syllabus. Failure of the student to notify faculty of an excused absence may result in the absence being considered unexcused, in which case the opportunity for make-up work could be lost. Neither the absence, nor the notification of the absence, relieves the student from course requirements. Misrepresenting the reason for a class absence to a faculty member is a violation of the University’s academic integrity policy (which can be found in the LMU Undergraduate Catalog

The LMU Athletics Division will provide official notification of excused absences directly to the instructor. It is also the student athlete’s responsibility to notify the instructor of any absence PRIOR to the absence. For examinations (tests or quizzes) which conflict with excused athletic absences, the student athlete must notify the instructor BEFORE the absence and reach an exact agreement on the time and date of the make-up exam/quiz. Major projects/papers/presentations affected by excused absences must also follow the make-up process as outlined above.

Online Classes – In the instance of a foreseeable absence that could impact online learning, students should make every effort to complete online assignments as regularly scheduled. If a circumstance arises that prevents a student from having online access during the absence, the student must communicate with the faculty member regarding the reason for the absence, lack of online access, and possible make-up options.