Special Credit (SC) and Credit by Examination (CE)

In approved cases, LMU may award special credit (SC). There is a fee of $50 per credit hour recorded for Special Credit.

Special credit is defined as post-high school, pre-college learning resulting from activities such as past work and/or volunteer experiences, military service, community involvement, professional certifications, training experiences, successful self-education, and avocational pursuits. LMU does not award SC for the experience itself nor for the years of experience, but rather for the knowledge and skills attained as a result of the experience.

Evidence of documented college-level prior learning may be presented in portfolio format in pursuit of SC. The student seeking SC receives assistance from the office of the dean of the applicable school in the preparation of an application portfolio. The portfolio must include, among other documents, an expanded resume with detailed descriptions of academic goals, and verification of learning. The completed portfolio is evaluated for academic merit and credit by a faculty expert or an expert consultant in the field selected by the dean of the applicable school. The evaluation process measures the experiential learning through any or all of the following approaches: 1) product assessment, 2) oral interview, 3) written examination, and 4) skills assessment.

The University recognizes the value of college-level prior learning as documented by University challenge exams and standardized tests, both of which may result in Credit by Examination (CE). There is a fee of $50 per credit hour recorded for Credit by Examination.

Minimum test scores for challenge exams are established by appropriately credentialed faculty and approved by the respective school dean. If the student scores no more than 10% below the minimum score on a University challenge exam, the student may request a consultation with the faculty member. LMU utilizes the minimum test scores recommended by the American Council on

Education (ACE) for DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams. Where University approved and American Council on Education recognized standardized tests exist (e.g., CLEP, DSST, etc.), LMU will utilize such assessments and recommendations in lieu of challenge exams.

Advanced Placement examinations are recognized for credit in specific academic areas. The following table indicates academic credit that will be awarded based on specific AP scores as approved by the University faculty.

AP Exam Title Score LMU Credit Awarded
Art History 4
ART 381
ART 381, 382
Studio Art: 2-D Design 3
ART elective
ART 105
Studio Art: 3-D Design 3
ART elective
ART 110
Studio Art: Drawing 3
ART Elective
ART 110
English Lang. & Comp. 4-5 ENGL 101
English Lit. &Comp. 4-5 ENGL 102
Comp. Gov. and Politics 3-5 POLS 320
European History 3-5 HIST elective
Human Geography 4-5 GEOG 211
Microeconomics 4-5 ECON 212
Macroeconomics 4-5 ECON 213
Psychology 4-5 PYSC 100
U.S. Gov. & Politics 4-5 POLS 100
U.S. History 3
HIST 131
HIST 131, 132
World History: Modern 4-5 HIST 122
Calculus AB 4-5 MATH 150
Calculus BC 3
MATH 150
MATH 150, 250
Statistics 4-5 MATH 270
Biology* 3
BIOL 111
BIOL 111, 112
Chemistry* 3
CHEM 111
CHEM 111, 112
Environmental Science * 3-5 ENVS 100
Physics I* 4 PHYS 211
Physics II* 4 PHYS 212
Physics C: Elec. & Mag.* 3-5 PHYS 212
Physics C: Mechanics* 3-5 PHYS 211
French Lang. & Culture  3
FREN 111
FREN 111, 112
Spanish Lang. & Culture 3
SPAN 111
SPAN 111, 112
Spanish Lit. & Culture 3
SPAN 111
SPAN 111, 112

*Credit for laboratories in the natural sciences may be awarded on demonstrated mastery of equivalent college-level laboratory experience. The student must submit AP lab course notebook and syllabus for review by the appropriate department faculty.

In approved cases, CE may be awarded for passing, at a predetermined level, an examination from the National League for Nursing (NLN), or similar agencies. Development of a portfolio is not required in the application for CE.

LMU awards SC and/or CE only if such credit contributes to or supports the student’s degree program. Subject to appropriate approvals, awarded SC and/or CE may be applied to fulfill a General Education Core Curriculum requirement, a major or minor field of study requirement, or as a University elective.

The maximum combined SC and CE that may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree is 32 credit hours; the maximum applicable toward an associate degree is 16 credit hours.

The last 32 semester credit hours toward a baccalaureate degree or 16 semester credit hours toward an associate degree must be LMU coursework. Neither SC nor CE is calculated in the student’s grade-point average.

The student considering graduate study elsewhere or undergraduate transfer to another institution should be aware that not all colleges and universities honor transcript credit designated SC or CE.