Student Leave of Absence Protocol

  1. Only students who are in good academic standing may apply for a leave of absence. All students seeking a leave of absence are strongly encouraged to speak with their academic advisor prior to requesting a leave of absence.
  2. Students requesting a leave of absence must submit the LMU Application for Leave of Absence form to the appropriate administrators. The Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) is the approving administrator for Undergraduate and Graduate students. Students in the LMU-CDM, LMU-CVM, LMU-DCOM, LMU-DSOL, and LMU-SMS will be assisted by the VP-Dean of their respective LMU college as explained in the student handbook and/or catalog for those professional programs.
  3. Applications for a leave of absence will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may be granted for illness (personal or familial), military service, or maternity leave. Students who are not passing their current in-progress coursework will not be granted a leave of absence. In order to ensure student success, a student having a medical issue early in the semester should talk to their advisor or Dean about taking a leave as soon as possible. LMU will do everything they can to work with the student to ensure that the medical issue does not impact the student’s academic record. Students must understand that once they take an exam or submit an assignment the grade cannot be altered retroactively because of the medical issue. If a leave is granted it will have no bearing on coursework that has been completed.
  4. Supporting documentation from a physician must be provided with an application for leave based upon illness or maternity. Supporting documentation from the military must be provided with an application for leave based upon military service.
  5. A leave of absence may be granted for a maximum period of 180 consecutive days (including summers). Undergraduate students who are granted a leave of absence may not enroll in academic courses at another institution during the leave period. In granting a leave, the approving administrator will determine the appropriate period and may impose other appropriate conditions and limitations which will be outlined in the Notice of Approval. The official date of the Leave of Absence will be the date of receipt of the student’s Application for Leave of Absence form.
  6. This Policy is not intended to directly govern the effects that a leave of absence might have on a leave-taking student's eligibility for any form of student financial aid, whether or not administered by the University. An applicant for leave who anticipates seeking or receiving any form of financial aid must meet with Financial Aid for advising on the effect a leave will have on the applicant’s financial aid eligibility.
  7.  A student who seeks to return from a leave of absence must notify the approving administrator in writing at least one month prior to the start of the semester in which the student seeks to return. A student seeking to return from a leave of absence based upon illness or maternity must have a licensed physician certify in writing that the student is released to return to school. Any student who fails to comply with the conditions and limitations described in the Notice of Approval will become ineligible to register for subsequent semesters and will be required to apply for readmission to the University.