Tuition and Fees

The tuition cost to attend LMU is substantially below the national average. The amounts included in the cost of each semester’s registration are placed on the student’s account in the Student Accounts Office. Interest charges are added to unpaid balances at the end of each month. All charges are subject to audit and verification. The University reserves the right to correct any error by appropriate additional charges or credits. The following are effective for Fall Semester 2023.

Undergraduate Tuition:
12-17 credit hours  $12,840 semester (base rate)*
1-11 credit hours  $1,070/credit hour
Graduation Fees:
Associate  $50
Baccalaureate $75 (undergraduate program)
Other Fees:
Change of Schedule Fee  $15 per course
Late Registration Fee see Registration Info/Policies  
Comprehensive fee: $210 /semester for undergraduate students at Harrogate campus
  $160 /semester for undergraduate students at extended sites
Student Activity Fee  $25
Online Fee (all online courses)  $10 per cr hr
Directed/Independent Study Fee  $25 plus course tuition
Special Credit/ Credit by Exam  $50 per cr hr
Non-sufficient Funds (NSF)  $30
DH 200 S0 $5200  
EDUC 480- edTPA fee  $300  
EDUC 497F-Seminar  $300  
NURS 115  $475
NURS 124 $475
NURS 125 $275
NURS 241  $265 (Tampa $240)
NURS 242 $540
NURS 320  $500 (Tampa $515) 
NURS 375  $285
NURS 430  $285
NURS 470 A $275
NURS 480  $525
VMT 120- Rabies Vaccine fee  $750
*12-17 credit hours base rate applies

Failure to pay tuition and fees may lead to professional collection agency efforts to enforce payment. In such cases, the student is responsible for ALL collection costs up to 331/3% and expenses incurred by the University, including reasonable attorney fees.

All past due balances paid by check may require at least 10 business days (possibly more depending on bank processing) after payment is submitted for the release of records.